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Do you need more space in your home for your growing family? How about a cozy room for overnight guests? Or maybe you’d like a special place where a relative can move in full-time.

Why uproot your family from the neighborhood you’ve grown to love when TP3 can transform your home for you with a room addition or strategic remodeling project?

Whether you want a larger kitchen, a beautiful home office, your dream master suite, or an entirely new second story, our team has the skills and expertise to make your house truly feel like home.

You can realize your dream – starting today. Call us at (727) 528-8183 for your free consultation.

Kitchen Remodeling

While homeowners looking for kitchen remodeling in Tampa/St. Pete do desire many of the same features, the truth is, everyone is different. And at TP3, we like to celebrate those differences.

Maybe you have “seating at the island” at the top of your list. Or is a convenient and efficient environment where they can create fantastic meals what you’ve been dreaming about?

Whatever your kitchen remodeling vision, we are ready to provide you with exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Our philosophy is to ask questions and listen… Then offer our expertise and guidance. Call us today at (727) 528-8183 and let’s talk kitchens.

Bathroom Remodeling

Thinking about bathroom remodeling in Tampa/St. Pete? TP3 creates beautiful bathrooms you can be proud of.

Bathrooms are one of the most private spaces in our homes – why not turn yours into an oasis where we can relax, blow off steam, and get away from it all.

• Beautiful fixtures and lighting

• Gorgeous countertops, cabinets, and storage

• Beautiful flooring

• And we’re just getting started

Call TP3 today at (727) 528-8183 for your free consultation and our bathroom remodeling experts can help you design a clutter-free bathroom solution that is just as beautiful as it is functional.

Living Spaces

Your interior living space is where you spend the most time in your home.

Whether you relax in the dining room, den, living room, office, or anywhere in your house, you want to spend time in a room you absolutely love – a place of comfort where you can relax and shut out the rest of the world.

TP3 can help you learn to love your home again with beautiful living space remodeling and renovation services in Tampa/St. Pete.

We do it all – closets, offices, living rooms, dens, dining rooms, staircases, and more!

Call us today at (727) 528-8183 for your free remodeling consultation.

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